The sound isn't working on my iPad.
Typically the issue is iPad is muted. Some apps (example: YouTube) override the mute so that's why you still hear sound on those apps. Here are the steps to unmute it: 1. Double-click the Home button to display recently used apps. 2. Flick from left to right along the bottom of the screen. 3. Tap the Mute/Unmute button on the bottom left of the screen.
The screen is frozen! What do I do?
Penyo Pal is a pretty complex app with both stories and games. Solve this problem by pressing the “HOME” button on your iPhone/iPad. Then double click on the “HOME” button to show all the apps that are running on the taskbar. Then all you have to do is press and hold the Penyo Pal icon until a “-“ sign pops up in the corner. Hit that to close the app. Press “HOME” again and relaunch Penyo Pal.
I forgot my password...
Not to worry, it happens to the best of us! Give us an email at and we’ll take care of you!
The app flips upside down when my child plays. What should I do?
Lock the screen orientation by turning on Rotation Lock. Tap on “Settings” and then go to “General.” From “General” find the section for “Use Side Switch to:” and check on “Lock Rotation.” Then when you have the app loaded in the right orientation, use the side switch to lock the app in that orientation.
Penyo Pal crashes on me. How do I fix it?
We are so sorry for the frustration and inconvenience! First things first, check to make sure that you have the latest version of Penyo Pal installed. You can do this by visiting the App Store and clicking on the “Updates” tab. If that doesn’t solve it, try restarting your device by holding the power button down. If you are still running into problems please email us at
I got a new device. Will this sync up with the old account?
Absolutely! Just log in with your email and password.