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What's in a name?


Name-storming :)
The original Flamingo Lingo logo!

We get asked about the name “Penyo Pal” a fair bit so we thought we’d share the story with all of you.  Once upon a time we were named Flamingo Lingo, and our mascot was a pink, cartoon Flamingo who rocked our Powerpoint presentations….luckily common sense kicked in and our co-founders decided we needed a name that could actually fit on a business card.

We spent some time throwing around ideas, everything from Wurdee to Mushu to Rafiki and everything else in between.  What we loved about Penyo was that it was phoenetic for 朋友 (péng yǒu) which means friend in Chinese!  We want you to have a language buddy in your pocket anytime, anywhere so Penyo Pal seemed like a fitting name.

And there you have it!  The story of the name :)