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Surprising Bilingual Celebrities

Thanks to our kid testers we know that Justin Bieber speaks English and French, and his girlfriend Selena Gomez is trying to learn Spanish.  While Justin and Selena are great bilingual role models, here are a few more bilingual celebrities that surprised us with their bilingual skills!  Check out these celebrities who can speak to their fans in more than one language.

Natalie Portman is a quintilingual!  This Black Swan Oscar-winner can speak Hebrew, Spanish, German, Japanese and a little French. Now that’s impressive!


The Devil Wears Prada star Emily Blunt is learning how to speak Mandarin, and starting off with lessons on how to order and buy fish.


Men in Black star Will Smith can fight off those aliens using his fluent Spanish skills as well.

American Idol singer Kelly Clarkson can belt out tunes in Greek and English!


Kids Know Best

Our kid testers rock!

It’s the most wonderful time of the product dev process at Penyo Pal HQ – kid testers!!! We spent a few days hanging out with awesome kids, and showing them our new games.  They gave us great feedback, and we’re busy making tweaks here and there :)

If you want to help us test out our new products, drop us a line at hello at penyopal.com.

Paper to Prototype

If you come to Penyo Pal HQ you will find sketches pasted all over our walls, and every now and then one of those sketches will get the chance to actually turn into fruition! Check out this before and after shot of our virtual pet game, we’re busy testing it with kids and making some final polishes. It’ll be launching soon!

Original sketches of the virtual pet
The virtual pet prototype!